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Career / Business [Astrologer in Haridwar]

Which business or job should be done in today's time, it should be decided in advance. Astrology can help us in deciding which business we should do. It is very important to make the choice of a suitable business or job, which can be avoided in the coming time from big losses. There are many such rules in astrology that we can know which business we should do which will get more profit and success.

There are thousands of types of businesses of today's time. It is quite difficult to classify all occupations clearly. Nevertheless, we have classified something according to our intellectual capacity in such a way that we can overcome the problems in business decision in astrology. The business of any person can be divided into five parts.

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Marriage [Astrologer in Haridwar]

Delaying marriage is becoming a trend these days. Which is a cause of trouble for the society. Parents are worried about the delay in the marriage of their children. But while striving for higher education, desired job, the time of marriage passes. And then even if a relationship is found, there are many obstacles in that too. And sometimes it is seen that even after everything is fine, the horoscope matching is not possible. Because usually we get the horoscope matched from any astrologer and in the absence of complete information, many defects are pointed out in the horoscope.So meet best astrologer Acharya Ashish Mridul ji and get instant solution. Match the charts of both boy and girl and you will be given complete factual information on the chart.

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Vedic Pooja [Best Astrologer in Haridwar]

In Hinduism, Vedic Pooja Path done according to the scriptures is said to be the best Pooja Path, if Pooja Path is done with full faith and law, then surely all the wishes are fulfilled. If the seeker is facing difficulties in completing any work, or due to some reason that work is not being completed, or even after doing any sadhna again and again, he is not getting siddhi, then it is proved that the way of worshiping you. Some rules and traditions have been made in our religious texts for how to Pooja Path Pooja Path is not the best, following which is the ladder of our success. Worship of God can be done in any way, but for meaningful Pooja Path, it is very important to have knowledge of scriptural law and for that it is necessary that which posture is appropriate for worshiping, what type of lamp should be, which garland. C will be mandatory and what will be the method of Pooja Path etc. If we pay attention to these things, then we can make our Pooja Path a complete and best Pooja Path.

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Kundali Making and Analysis [Astrologer in Haridwar]

Astrology helps human for better life and future. To know the future and its life, we have to check our horoscope. Horoscope tells about our future and guides us for a better future. To view our birth chart we need date of birth, time of birth and birth details.

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Kundali Matching [Best Astrologer in Haridwar]

Kundli matching or Guna matching is the matching of horoscopes for marriage in Vedic astrology. In Hindu religion and especially in India, marriages are done with the blessings of elders and parents, so horoscope matching for marriage has a very high importance and marriages are decided only after matching the horoscope. Through Kundli matching, it is known to what level the planets are blessing the bride and groom and which astrology avoidance can bring happiness in marriage.

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Muhurat [Astrologer in Haridwar]

Hindu culture is such a culture where people must see the auspicious time before doing any big work or get it shown by their pandit. Shubh time or Shubh Muhurta is the time in which planets and constellations are good or fruitful for human beings. Let us tell you that the work done with the auspicious time is considered successful without any interruption. There are thirty auspicious times in a single day. Simply put, Shubh Muhurta means getting a good result in the necessary work. In Raftaar Mein Muhurta category, you will read Abhijit Muhurat, Choghadiya Muhurta, Rahukal, Day's Choghadiya, Night's Choghadiya.

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Vastu Consultation [Best Astrologer in Haridwar]

The city's astrologer Pandit Jagdish Sharma says that Vastu Shastra is one such Indian scripture which is being adopted in India since ancient times. Vastu Shastra is a method that suggests to make a house map according to the nature of the directions so that every corner of your house becomes compatible with the directions so that positive energy remains in every corner.29-Aug-2018

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Health [Astrologer in Haridwar]

Medical astrology is a subdivision of astrology that provides insight into your health based on the influence of planets and stars in your horoscope. According to this ancient astrology, each planet and zodiac sign is associated with a specific disease. The positions of the planets in the various zodiac signs and astrological houses in the birth chart indicate the form of illness that a person may have in his lifetime.

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Kundali Making [Best Astrologer in Haridwar]

kundli helps us tell us the placement of the planets at the time of our birth as well as the present time. Kundli also tells us what our present dasha, Mahadasha and Antardasha is. It helps decide what Path we must choose in our life and what precautions we must take. We provide you with and option of get a print of your kundli through us which will provide you with details of your planetary movement. Handmade horoscopes are made by Acharya ji himself. His fortune telling is always accurate as well as his Mathematic calculations. Every person has to face the ups and downs in every part of his life.

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